Medway Block Co. Inc - Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail

landpic.gif (78377 bytes)We offer a wide variety of stone products including: Bluestone, Limestone & Granite available in flooring and stair treads. PA. Fieldstone and Cobblestone - all of which can be used for edging - paving - wall and veneer applications.

Landscape Items


3/4" stone
3/8" stone
Play Sand
Paving Brick
Garden Path Stone


Bluestone Flooring
Bluestone Treads
Limestone Flooring
Limestone Treads
Flagstone Chips
PA Fieldstone
Rockwood Retaining Wall
Drainage Pipe
Granite Flooring
Granite Treads
Concrete Paving Stones
Brick Edging
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Medway Block Co., Inc., in Medway, Massachusetts is a major supplier of concrete block.
Medway Block Co., Inc.
120 Main Street. (Rt. 109)

Medway, MA 02053