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Medway Block stocks not only our own products, but many others from the leading manufacturers like Bilco, Stone Equipment, Pittsburgh Corning, Hutch, Quikrete and Unilock just to name a few. Our quality products are perfect for the mason, the contractor, the landscaper and the homeowner. Our legendary service and qualified sales staff will assist you. They are ready to answer you questions and make recommendations when necessary.

Featured Products

The following is a brief list of the products you'll find at Medway Block.
Assorted adhesives for masonry.
Antifreeze, Bonding Agents, Coloring, Fast Set
Bilco Doors
Bilco Basement entry doors in 4 different sizes.
Facing, Veneer, Chimney, Paving, Sewer, Used, Waterstruck, Firebrick
Brick Edging
Aluminum edging.
Builders Tubes
(Sonotubes)All 12' Lengths with different diameters.
Cement / Mortar
Portland Type I & II cements, Portland White Cement, Assorted masonry mortars including type "S" and Eaglebond.
Cement Coatings/Patching
Cement Coatings, Stucco, Patching, Anchoring and Floor underlayments.
Chimney / Fireplace
Assorted Fireplace/Chimney mortars & cements. Ash Dumps, Chimney Block, Clay Thimbles, Clay Chimney Tops, Clean Out Doors, Dampers, Fire Clay, Flue liners, Chimney top dampers
Chimney Caps
HY-C Brand - Black Painted Galvanized, Stainless Steel & Copper, Single & Multi-flu Caps.
Clay Paving Brick
Clay paving brick For walkways & patios
Assorted cleaners for brick, concrete & Natural Stone.
Concrete Blocks
Normal Weight, Medium Weight, Light Weight, Patio, Structural, Architectural, Scallop Edgers, Screen
Concrete Curing

Concrete Landscape
Assorted concrete patio block such as 8" x 16", 12" x 12" and 16" x 16". Scalloped Block straight only in red and natural gray. 12" adjustable perfect edge block edgers, splash block.
Contractor Equipment
Cement & Mortar Mixers, Plate Vibrators, Concrete Saws, Wheelbarrows, Fireplace Cranes, Well Wheels etc....
Contractors Supplies
Boots, Hardhats, Hardhat Liners, Heaters, Rainsuits, Diamond Cutting Blades, Brooms, Shovels, Mortar Hoes, Pry Bars, Rakes, Brick Tongs, Gloves, Sledgehammers, Tarps, Floats etc...
Cultured Stone
Cultured Stone
Diamond Saw Blades
Diamond Saw Blades
Display Walk - Pavers
Assorted Pavers - Clay & Concrete
A.D.S., P.V.C., Pipe, Bell Traps, Channel Drains, Downspout Splash Block, PVC Fittings, Fernco Rubber Fittings,cast iron flat grates.
Driveway Sealer

Expansion Joint

Face Brick
Assorted clay face brick for use in chimneys, fireplaces, steps, walls, planters and exterior home applications.
Fire Brick
Fire Brick
Fire Pits
Hardscape Fire Pits
RUMFORD style fireplaces.
Lead Flashing, PVC flashing and Copper Fabric flashing in assorted sizes.
Glass Block
Assorted Styles, Shapes and Views.
Landscape Products

Masons Lime
Manhole & Catch Basins
Castings, Grates and Covers. Manhole diagram of a 6'6" Manhole for # of blocks needed.
Natural Stone
Natural Stone for walkways, patios & assorted landscaping. Products include Bluestone Flooring & Treads, Granite Flooring, Treads and Steps, Cobblestones, Flagstone, Garden Path Stone, N.E. Wall Stone, P.A. Fieldstone & Quarry Stone.
Pre-mix Cements
Just add water premixed bags. Concrete Mix, Mortar Mix, Sand Topping Mix.
Raw Materials
Mason Sand, Concrete Sand, 3/8" pea stone, 3/4" stone, Crusher Run and Stone Dust.
Retaining and Garden Wall
Retaining & Garden Wall Block. Brands include Unilock, Interlink and RidgeRock.
Blasting, Mason, Concrete, Silica
Assorted Sealers for concrete, brick and natural stone.
Sewer Brick
Sewer Brick
Steel Products
Anchor Bolts, Angle Irons, Reinforcing Rods
Thin Brick
Thin Brick
Assorted Masonry tools in Stock. Brooms, Brushes, Caulking Guns, Chaulk reels, Chisels, Concrete tools, Drill Bits, Floats, Hammers, Jointers, Knee Pads, Concrete Nails, Mason Line, Levels, Mortar Hoes, Pry Bars, Rubber Mallets, Paint Rollers, Rulers, Saw Blades, Shovels, Snips, Tampers, Trowels, Tape Measures and more.
Unilock Pavers
Assorted styles of concrete paving stones for walkways and patio's.
Used Brick
Used Brick
Air Kits, Block vents, Brick vents, Foundation Vents
Wall Ties
Galvanized wall ties.
Winter Products
Calcium Chloride, Rock Salt, Concrete Curing Blankets, Antifreeze

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Medway Block Co., Inc., in Medway, Massachusetts is a major supplier of concrete block.
Medway Block Co., Inc.
120 Main Street. (Rt. 109)

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