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Category: Admixtures
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Concrete Supplement 
Integral waterproofing protection all year round.Keeps your concrete and mortar from freezing down to 12F.Significantly increases both compressive and flexural strength of ordinary concrete. Increases strength between 25-30% at all stages of set time.
Set Fast Powder 
Sold by the 1 lb. pkg or by the case of 24. Used as an accellerator for cements in colder weather.
Silpro C21 
Silpro C21Acrylic Admix is used to enhance the performance properties of cementitious mortars by densifying and improving flexural tensile strength.As an bonding agent - enhances the bond of the plastic mortar to the hardened concrete or mortar.
Silpro Hawk & Trowel Color 
Silpro Hawk & Trowel color is factory mixed, water based pigment. Resists fading. For use with Silpro Concrete Finish and Silpro California Stucco. Available by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.
Silpro Weld-o-Bond 
Silpro Weld-o-Bond Plus is a water based latex-bonding agent. It is specially formulated for bonding portland cement to concrete or masonry surfaces and bonding gypsum plasters to concrete, masonry and plaster surfaces. Interior or Exterior.
True Tone Cement/Mortar Dye 
Assorted choices of True Tone Cement/Mortar dyes. 1 1/2LB. boxes to be added to Cement or mortar.
UMACO Addmix-21 
An acrylic, liquid additive (21% solids) for cement based mixes designed to increase adhesive bond as well as tensile and flexural strength. Available in 1 gal & 5 gal pails.
UMACO Bondall Exterior 
A brushable, water-based, exterior-grade bonding agent designed to be applied to the substrate prior to applying cement based and gypsum mixes. Available in 1 gal & 5 gal pails.
UMACO Cold Check 
A chloride based admix for concrete and mortar mixes designed to accelerate the set time and help protect against freezing in cold weather conditions. Available in 1 gal, 5 gal and 55 gal containers.
Winter Admix 
Winter Admix - See Winter Products Available in 1 Gal & 5 Gal Containers.

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Medway Block Co., Inc., in Medway, Massachusetts is a major supplier of concrete block.
Medway Block Co., Inc.
120 Main Street. (Rt. 109)

Medway, MA 02053